Clothes are the best communication with the outside world, telling who we are and what we want to say with our choice. And clothes are also beauty. Not in shape or style, but in harmonious comfort. The world has changed, we no longer buy based on aesthetics. In the new reality, we choose convenience, we wear only things that are pleasing to the body and the eye. This has already happened, just choose a live style here and now. Flowers, mothers-in-law are life itself, these are not dead prints, not a standard palette. A person becomes beautiful only in harmony, he can shine and sparkle only in the present! These clothes will bring out your best sides and brighten the mood like no other wardrobe item of the past. Because you are alive. And you are in the Present.

The disarmingly beautiful statement of life in Elena Popkova’s designer clothing line will leave no chance for discouragement. It gushes with brightness and is simply charged with the inexhaustible energy of its creator. It will never be like before, you will feel what it is like to be a bearer of real art and to know the affordable luxury of the author’s style.