Publishing art albums means a lot more than exhibitions and publications. As a scientist, I know that humanity will never give up paper carriers of information and images, the habit is too great, the history of books and their importance in the perception and comprehension of the phenomenon is too large-scale. 

I create my own instances every time the project build comes to an end. With this, I put a visible point in the history of my art, while at the same time leaving the door as open as possible for new viewers. My idea takes on the tangible body of a book and you can always familiarize yourself with it as if it were the first time. And if you invested a lot in something, the return is felt for a very long time and over time it transforms into a separate area where you can learn a lot. 

My books are created in Germany by specialists of the highest level, it is an honor for me, I am proud of my opportunity to do it as professionally and efficiently as possible. It’s worth it, it’s a pleasure, I love my albums, I can write a lot and seriously, but this is the real spark of my creativity.

About Trees

About unfading beauty